Kerala Renaissance-Pazhassiraja

         KeralaVarma Pazhassiraja was one of the greatest patriot from the Kerala, a native of district named Kottayam. He was born in 1753. He is from the royal clan of Western Region of Southern Kerala. He established his kingdom in Malabar, ruled from 1774 to 1805. He fought against Hyder Ali, Tipu sultan and Mysore Kings are famous . He sacrificed his life for freedom against the East India Company of British.

  • 1st Pazhassi Riot

               The reason behind this riot is, in 1793, East India Company of British, are agreed to lease the land of Kottayam to Kuttubranadu King, which exploits the peoples life badly and after the year, the British Government extend the lease period to one  more year in 1794. This illegal policy of East India Company tempts the King Pazhassi. In the year 1795 June 28, Pazhassiraja cancelled, all taxes proclaimed on the peoples of Malabar, and started to rule  by placing the policy proclaimed by the British Governement. This results the 1st Pazhassi Riot , which is later compromised by the Bombay Governor Jonathan. This riot ends in 1797.

  • 2nd Pazhassi Riot

                The 2nd Pazhassi Riot is outcome of Fourth Mysore War. After the war, Wayanad was occupied by the East India Company of British. The king Of Pazhassi strongly opposed to the new policy of British Government.  As a result, the riot were started between the Armies of Pazhassiraja and East India Company. Most of the soldiers in Pazhassiraja’Army are from the tribal peoples of Wayanad. Kanavathu Shankaran Nambiar, Kaitheri Appunair, Edavana Kunkannair, Palloor Emmannair, Tribal leader Thalaikal Chandu , who are allied with the Pazhassiraja  and fought against the British Government. To curb the riot, Sir Arthur Velsly(later known as Lord Willington)  the East Indian company of British appointed 1200 Indian cops against Pazhassiraja. They are named as ‘Kolkar’

         In 1804, Thomas Harvey Beiber was appointed as the Sub-Collector of Thalassery and took in-charge of army of British Government. In 1805 November 30, Pazhassiraja was killed. His body was bared in the Royal Carriage an buried in a ceremony with full dignity, at Mananthavadi, a place in Malabar.

            Later, the story of Pazhassiraja encourages the people , that results in the various riot in all over the Southern India. His tomb was situated at Mananthavadi. Pazhassiraja Museum was located in East Hills, Kottayam. A dam (Pazhassi Dam)was built in Kannur District of Kerala, and it is named after Pazhassiraja.