Kerala-Renaissance Leaders-AKG

                                             AYILLYATHU KUTTIARI GOPALAN
                          ആയില്യത്ത് കുറ്റ്യാരി ഗോപാലന്‍ (എ.കെ.ജി)
Born in        :   1 October 1904

Birth place  :   Peralasseri, Kannur District of Southern Kerala.

He opted the profession of a Teacher.

During the independence movement, he later become an energized leader in Khilafat Movement and evolved into a faithful social worker and a well known politician in Kerala.

He also took part in Khadi movement  and for the upraise of Harijans, when he         joined in Indian National Congress in 1927.

He was arrested several times, especially for leading a march from Malabar to           Madras in 1936. During the Second World War, he was motivated by the                     Communism in India,and became a member of Communist party of India.

A.K.G was the first leader of opposition in Parliament of India. he was elected for 5 consecutive time, as a member of Lok Sabha.

He found INDIAN COFFEE HOUSE, a worker cooperative initiative, only for the employees who are terminated from Coffee Board, to established ICHs.

A.K.G establish a new party, named COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA(MARXIST).

His autobiography is, In The Cause Of The People.

His works: For Land, Around the World, Work in Parliament, and Collected    Speeches.

He was dead in 22 March 1977.