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Thycaud Ayya Guru (1814-1909) - Social Reformer - Renaissance Leader - Kerala Psc Thulasi

Thaykkadu Ayyaguru (1814-1909) - Renaissance Leader - Kerala Psc Thulasi

Thycaud Ayya Guru (1814-1909)


  • He was born in Nakalapuram in TamilNadu. His father's name is Mutthukumaran and of Mother' name is Rugmini Ammal.
  • His real name was Subramaniam.
  • He got the spiritual lesson from  'Sachidanandhan' and  ' Chitti Paradeshi' who are monk practicing advanced yoga. 
  • Chattampi Swamikal and Sree Narayanaguru was influenced by the Thycaud Ayya Guru.
  • He went to Palani to practice advance yoga from those monks. After that he visited several countries like Singapore, Burma and many other countries.
  • After 3 years, he came back and started practicing yoga and spiritual deeds in Kodungaloor, SreeValiputhoor.
  • He adopted a name called SivaRaga Yogi Ayyaswamikal. Even if he is a saint, he was married and continue his yogic practices after his marriage.
  • He is was the suprend of Thycaud Residency Guest House, thus the colleagues called him ' Suprend Ayyavu'.
  • Ayyavu means 'a respectable person'.
  • Sree Narayana Guru and Chattampi Swamikal were the disciples of Thycaud Ayya Guru, which they were taught 'Siva Raja Yoga'.

  • Thycaud Ayya Guru declared a slogan for his disciples,  'Intha Ulakathile Ore Oru Matham, Ore Oru Jathy, Ore Oru Kadavul Than' (One Caste, One Religion and One God in this world).
  • Sree Narayana Guru translated his slogan to Malayalam as ' Oru Jathi, Oru Matham, Oru Daivam Manushyanu'.
  • Thycaud Ayya Guru opposed the caste system in Kerala. He grouped the peoples from the every caste and served them food on the same place.
  • He face insulted and tortures from the Upper Class people in Kerala. He started many movement based on the Humanism, Democracy, Equality etc.
  • He was passed away on 20th July 1909.

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