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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers - Part 1 - Kerala Psc Thulasi.

 Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers - Part 1 - Kerala Psc Thulasi.
b        Which eminent Indian scientist’s family home in Mumbai was ‘Mehrangir’ ?
        Ans : Homi J Bhabha

       Which place is known as ‘the Queen of the Hill Station’?
        Ans : Ooty

      Which is the shallowest sea in the world?
       Ans : The sea of Azov (Ukraine)

      Who is known as ‘the father of Scientific History’?
       Ans : Thucydides

      Who was the first Indian Prime Minister to resign from the office?
       Ans : Morarji desai

       Which is the world’s most popular messaging app with 600 million users?
       Ans : WhatsApp
       One Mickey per second is the smallest resolvable unit of measurement for the speed and    direction that a  _____ pointing device is moved ?
       Ans : Computer mouse

       Altuve is the unit of measurement of length associated with which game ?
       Ans : Baseball

       Antlophobia is the fear of _____?
      Ans : Floods

      The cultivation, management and study of trees, shrubs, vines and other perennial woody   plants is known as ______?
      Ans : Arboriculture

       Which video chat and voice call instant messaging system was created by Dane Janus         Friis  and Niklas Zennstorm ?
      Ans : Skype

      Which country is the leading producer of graphite in the world ?
      Ans : China

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       The cascade effect is associated with which phenomenon of species in an ecosystem?
     Ans : Extinction

      What is the number of biodiversity hotspots in India ?
    Ans : Three

      Which chemical is also known in the name of ‘Misnomer’ ?
    Ans : Chromic Acid

      The forest of Andaman islands belong to which type of forest ?
    Ans : Tropical Rain Forest

       In 1947 during the election of the future Prime Minister of India held by the Congress         Party, who got the highest number of votes?
     Ans : Sardar vallabhai Pattel

       Who was the first player ib the history of cricket  to take a hat-trick in one day                 internationals ?
     Ans : Jalal-Ud-Din (Pakistan )

      Which Indian leaders Autobiography was ‘My Times’ ?
      Ans : J B Kripalini

       Name the scientific research station situated at the geographic South pole of the earth?
      Ans : Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

      Which year was observed as ‘the year of Broadband’ in India ?
       Ans : 2007

      Name the exploration vessel which discovered the Mumbai High Field in 1964-67 ?
       Ans : Academic Arkhangelsky

      At the mouth of which river is chilka lake situated?
       Ans: Daya river

      Which is the apex body of curriculum related matters for school education in India?
      Ans : NCERT

      Which Indian State leads in the production of hydro electricity’?
      Ans : Andhra Pradesh

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