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Kerala PSC Thulasi: Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers - Part 2

Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers - Part 2- Kerala Psc Thulasi

Kerala PSC Thulasi: Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers - Part 2

  • Name the disease which is known as 'White Plague'.
           Answer:  Tuberculosis 
  • Which flower is known as 'White Flower'?
          Answer: Hibiscus
  • Which flower is known as 'Queen of Flowers'?
         Answer: Rose
  • Which Indian State has least coastal area?
          Answer: Goa
  • Which is the most intelligent spineless organism ?
         Answer: Octopus
  • In which year Gandhiji establish the Tolstoy Farm in Johannesburg?
           Answer: 1910
  • Name the reservoir of Govind Sagar Dam.
          Answer: Bhakra Nangal
  • Jharia Ghani is famous for.......................
          Answer: Coal
  • Name the 'Queen of Potato'?
         Answer: Gladiolus
  • In which part of earth has more gravitational force acting?
         Answer: Polar Regions
  • Name the type of Glass made for Vehicles.
         Answer: Safety Glass
  • The Pearl Harbour is located in.........................
         Answer: Pacific Ocean
  • In which state does the joint agreement to end the First Mysore Battle was signed?
         Answer: Chennai

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Basic General Knowledge: Questions and Answers - Part 3

  • Which part of the surface of sun is the most shiniest?
          Answer: Fhakuli

  • In which year, Velluthampi Dalava commit suicide?
          Answer: A.D 1809
  • World's First 'Swami Narayana Temple' situated at..........
         Answer: Ahmedabad
  • In which state the first party congress of Communist Party of India conducted?
         Answer: Mumbai
  • Who invented Place Value System?
         Answer: AryaBhatt
  • Who called Jhansi Rani as 'The Bright Spot on Dark Background'?
         Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • Mithra Mela(Band of Friends) was founded by................
         Answer: Vinayak Damodar Savarkar
  • Name the second Non-Indian Congress President.
         Answer: William Wedderburn

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