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Monday, 12 December 2016

Kerala Psc Thulasi : One Time Registration & Login - Step-by-Step Instructions 2016-2017

Welcome to Kerala Psc, is started in 2016, aiming only for the aspirants in KPSC Examinations and other competitive examinations. We are letting you know  the Kerala PSC One time Registration process and latest notifications of Kerala Public Service Commission(KPSC).We will keep you updated with latest news of  Kerala Public Service Commission(KPSC). This site is not only for latest updates, but also for providing previous year questions of Kerala PSC exams  such as  LD Clerk, Junior Assistant, Lab Assistant/High School Assistant, Stenographer and many more.

Kerala PSC One Time Registration-(Step-by-Step Instructions)

Kerala PSC registration is an one time registration for attending the exam of Kerala Government.  We will explain the details about the PSC One time registration in Step-by-Step. 


Once you open a browser(Most commonly used browsers- Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc),  you might land in Google Homepage, or type in your url space given in your browser. Check the below picture for help. 

Kerala Psc One Time Registration- Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 2 : Kerala PSC Homepage.

Select the below link-Kerala Public Service Commission, then you will be redirecting to the Kerala psc Home page. This is the primary step for registering in Kerala PSC.

Kerala PSC Homepage

Step 3:

If you are a existing user, you can directly access your account by entering your Username and Password in their respective columns, or if your are a new user, Click the New Registration on the right side of the page. If you are 'Already Registered' user, then 
For New Registration: You will be redirected to a page regarding the information about your Photograph for One time registration(Your Photograph should bear 'Your Name' and 'Date of Photo Taken'). Make sure the application you submit in future, must bear the same Name and Date of photo taken or else your application will be rejected(Non-Appeal able). After reading the instructions, click the box near the 'I Agree' Button. Click Next button for proceeding for next Page.

kerala psc photo

Step 4:

From the next page, you can upload your photograph with the specified dimension : Your name and date of photo taken must be inscripted(in two lines) in black color text with white rectangular background at the bottom of the Photograph. The maximum Size for the photograph be 30KB with image dimension: 150W x 200H and the upload the image size as JPG/JPEG format. If you already have your photograph with specified dimension, Select file to upload by clicking the 'Choose file' button. After that, you have to browse the required photograph to be uploaded, from your computer. Make sure you have uploaded the correct photograph with the date of photo taken for the Kerala PSC one time registration. It is valid only for certain period, which is assigned by the Kerala Public Service Commission(KPSC). 

kpsc thulasi

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Step 5:

On the next page, you can see the preview for the photograph uploaded and carefully check the information required before submitting to your profile. Check the following steps for the One time registration process.
  1. The name you entered must be your official name, entered in your educational/official certificates(Eg:SSLC certifcate, Degree Certificates etc.) 
  2. If your name contains initials, it must be either present at the end or in the middle of the name.
  3. Don't add any salutions with your name like Mr., Mrs., Dr., Br., Sr., Fr., Rev., Adv., etc.
Once you read the instructions, enter your Name as shown in your photograph and the Date of photo taken. After that, click the check box, for approving that you are entered the right information. 

kerala psc photo verification

Step 6:

Once you uploaded your photograph, next session is to upload the signature. The maximum size of signature should not be more than 30KB with image dimension of 150W X 100H. The signature you are uploading should be in JPG/JPEG format. Click  ' Choose file' button for uploading the signature by browsing it from your computer.

Kerala Psc One Time Registration- Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 7:

 In this step, you have to enter the Personal Details. Check the  steps below for entering your personal details for the One time registration of Kerala PSC.
  1. Enter your name, as per the official records( SSLC Certificate, Degree Certificates..).
  2. Enter your Date of Birth.
  3. Select the Gender, Religion, Caste.  This is for sorting the Reservation category you belong to. The Reservation category will be appeared( as per norms)automatically.
  4. Enter other details, which are marked(*) asterisk symbol which are mandatory. 
  5. Submit any ID Proof( Voter's ID, PAN Card, Passport, Driving License....)

Kerala Psc One Time Registration- Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 8:

Once you finish entering your personal details, you are forwarded to another page for submitting the details of address, Place you live like District, Taluk, Corporation, Residing Village.

Kerala Psc One Time Registration- Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 9:

This is the final step of Kerala PSC One time registration. The PSC aspirant should find out an 'Available name' as their KPSC User ID and a strong password for PSC Thulasi login. Click the check box for accepting the declaration for agreeing the information submitted is correct and completed. If it is correct or distorted, your appointment shall be terminated.

Kerala Psc One Time Registration- Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 10: Kerala PSC Login Page

If you are already a registered user, you can directly enter the 'USER ID' & 'Password' in the Kerala PSC Login Page Then type the captcha code above the login button. Submit the details and click ' Log In' to redirect to your Dashboard.

Kerala Psc One Time Registration- Step-by-Step Instructions


The Dashboard shows the latest notifications provided by KPSC. To check the latest notification, click the Notification link on the right side of page. 

Kerala Psc One Time Registration- Step-by-Step Instructions

Kerala PSC will inform the latest updates about the latest government examinations  at the earliest. Keep follow the updates and send us query as comments, related to doubt regarding the KPSC One-time registration. We will reply you at the earliest.

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